Enriching is simple when you should simply make a space look charming. The test comes when you need to adjust structure and capacity. What’s more, with regards to kitchen counters, this equilibrium is an absolute necessity. A jumbled kitchen counter is a catastrophe waiting to happen. It doesn’t make any difference how adorable your kitchenContinue reading “SHAUNA BOTTOS- MAXIMIZE YOUR KITCHEN SPACE ALONG WITH AN ATTRACTIVE DESIGN!”


An interior designer not always develops a design that beautifies your space but also makes sure that the area serves maximum functionality. While talking of redesigning a home, the area that serves as the most functional one is the kitchen area. Its decoration should be such that it promotes a smooth working while doing variousContinue reading “SHAUNA BOTTOS- BEAUTIFYING YOUR KITCHEN DECORS”

Shauna Bottos- Enhance Your Kitchen by Picking Right Pendant

Choosing an interior designer can be tough because you need the best one to redecorate your house. Shauna Bottos can be a perfect choice when you wish to get the best out of your renovations. Her designs and ideas are fabulous that can change and transform the overall interior look of the house. Considering theContinue reading “Shauna Bottos- Enhance Your Kitchen by Picking Right Pendant”

Shauna Bottos – Stunning Modern Island Design for Beautiful kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of the house demand lot of creativity and functional enhancement. Whether your kitchen space so compact or large it deserves a perfect aesthetic look and utilitarian value. Shauna Bottos is a top-notched interior designer; her collection of home and kitchen design is awesome. She is innovative enough toContinue reading “Shauna Bottos – Stunning Modern Island Design for Beautiful kitchen”

Shauna Bottos – Modular Kitchen Design and Style Suggestions

Kitchen is rightly said as the heart of the home, where most of the interaction takes place and family member shares their experiences. It is the place filled with aroma and tastes that allure everyone. For a homemaker, it is very important to have an inviting and functional kitchen that can save her/his time andContinue reading “Shauna Bottos – Modular Kitchen Design and Style Suggestions”

Shauna Bottos – Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen is the most functional and utilitarian part of the home. with the emergence of new technology and luxury appliances, functions as well as value of the kitchen get enhanced. And it becomes essential to upgrade your kitchen in order to upgrade the lifestyle. A bespoke kitchen is adored with mesmerizing look with respect toContinue reading “Shauna Bottos – Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs”

Shauna Bottos – Modern Dining Room and Kitchen Lighting

Dining room and kitchen are very important parts of the house, here families sit and share their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Beautiful impressive light scheme can brighten up the dining space and enhance the functionality of the room. Task and theme based lighting are best suited to the dining room as these match the occasionContinue reading “Shauna Bottos – Modern Dining Room and Kitchen Lighting”

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