Shauna Bottos- Tips for an Art Deco interior design!

Improving the art deco style implies accepting a period that was mainstream in America and Europe during the 1920s and 1930s. It was a conspicuous difference to the more moderate, nature-enlivened workmanship nouveau that went before it. Like workmanship nouveau, art deco influenced all spaces of the beautifying expressions, from inside plan to mold and vehicle plan. It underlined innovation and machines, and simultaneously, it was considered exquisite and useful. It is safe to say that you are an aficionado of such styling.


Shauna Bottos can assist you with accomplishing this ideal style for your home’s stylistic layout. Here are a few components that can assist you with getting your space a consolidated art deco alongside different styles. 

  • Shadings: The shades of the art deco period are striking and intense. Shadings are frequently matched or interspersed with high-sparkle silver, chrome, or dark accents. Most loved shades of the time incorporate splendid and profound yellows, reds, greens, blues, and pinks. Milder shades of that period incorporate creams and beiges, a considerable lot of which were utilized in parlors, lounge areas, and rooms. 
  • Furniture: Art deco decorations are huge in scale, smoothed out in outline, however, need ornaments or complex specifying. Enormous sideboards, armour, and liberally estimated seats are normal for the period. 
  • Textures: Other than shark skin and zebra skin, art deco-motivated upholstery textures incorporate velvets and leather. Excessively feminized florals or quite manly plaids are not viewed as a component of art deco style. All things considered, lean towards strong shadings or materials with geometrical plans. Likewise, upholstered furniture with strong, differentiating squares of shading is viewed as an art deco style. 
  • Lighting: Maybe one of the least demanding and most attractive approaches to bring art deco into your house is with light apparatuses that portray the period. Lighting installations of the time are known for their geometrical and symmetrical patterns. 

Shauna Bottos with her aptitude can assist you with getting your fantasy stylistic layout that accommodates your budget perfectly.

Shauna Bottos- Best Techniques to Redesign your Interiors!

The best inside architects in the business are those that stay knowledgeable regarding what the current trends are, while always remembering the exemplary plan strategies. Each top interior designer will have their own special arrangement of abilities that accompany long stretches of preparation and experience, and homeowners can enormously profit by enrolling their assistance while making the ideal living space.


Notwithstanding, here we accompany a couple of ageless plan strategies by Shauna Bottos, a top-indented inside planner that you can remember as you devise an arrangement for your new home or renovating project. 

A portion of these are: 

  • Space and Organization: One of the essential objectives of any inside plan project is to enhance the space of a room. Being extremely coordinated and discovering a spot for each thing never becomes dated. The best inside fashioners all know the significance of causing a little space to feel more open and spacious. 
  • Comfort is the Key: It has gotten substantially more ordinary to discover approaches to make your home plan more current and idiosyncratic, yet this ought not to be done to the detriment of your solace. It is significant that you discover household items that are not just going to look incredible with your plan however that you will really appreciate utilizing them also. 
  • Quality Over Quantity: Many homeowners wrongly accept each square inch of the wall and floor space should be involved by some kind of furniture or embellishment. By covering the walls with racks, artworks, pictures, containers, and other different things, you risk jumbling the room, trading off the cohesiveness, and forfeiting quality. While improving your home the possibility that toning it down would be best can unquestionably apply. You are in an ideal situation putting resources into a couple of excellent things that will last you for seemingly forever, then an enormous number of inadequately built things. Moderation has consistently been a well-known plan idea as it helps give the room more space and a sleeker, more rich look. 

Enhancing the home with the best possible designs is what each designer aims and Shauna Bottos is no less in making your space unique and comfortable. 

Shauna Bottos- Interior Designing Tips for your Small Apartment!

Housing demands are continuously changing in these modern times. When contrasted with the houses we experienced in childhood, the spaces we live in today have fundamentally contracted. It could be a result of the decrease in family size or the diminished moderateness of grand homes in huge urban areas, living in little lofts has become a standard for working experts nowadays. Yet, because of headways in the field of outfitting and inside planning, today, even little condos can be transformed into open quarters which not exclusively can oblige all your stuff yet additionally looks perfect.


With planners like Shauna Bottos, you can advance your space in a little/studio condo and make it look extensive. 

Here are a few strategies that can assist you with accomplishing your ideal home with amazing plans: 

  • Use multi-practical furnishings: When planning the insides of a little loft, decide on furniture that can be utilized for different purposes. For example, a loft with a rug space of 700-800 sq. ft. is profoundly improbable to have a guest room. Here, go for a convertible couch that can bend over as a bed when visitors are finished. 
  • Integrate kitchen appliances into your home: Rather than utilizing a massive fridge or an independent oven, you can introduce an under-counter fridge or a ledge stove which can back off space in your kitchen and permit you to work unreservedly in there. This can help you save space and give the little loft an even tone. 
  • Utilize retractable and wall-mounted decorations: Minimalistic homes are trending nowadays. With a retractable bed or feasting table, you can save a great deal of room as well as utilize that space for various purposes according to your prerequisite during the day. Further, to benefit as much as possible from your walls, you can wall mount your TV (flat screen), use wall-mounted racks for keeping books, and so on 

Taking help from Shauna Bottos can help you achieve the perfect space along with unique and beautiful interiors. 

Shauna Bottos- Core principles of interior designing you must know!

The core components and standards of the inside plan should constantly be executed appropriately to make tastefully satisfying designs. Interior designing does not simply mean putting everything inside your home that you find alluring. There must be an equilibrium in the entirety of your insides that coordinates with your space and doesn’t hamper your functionality.


Here a high-level interior designer, Shauna Bottos can help you out on the grounds that she creates plans that decide your space prerequisite and make your spaces more agreeable and safe. 

You should consider the accompanying standards while carrying out the plan components: 

  • Unity: Unity is a point of convergence of home plans. Each household item, every example, and each thing of embellishment should supplement one another. The unity and consistency of all the plan components together make for a wonderful inside plan. You should consistently guarantee that there is a smooth stream in your utilization of examples, colors, surface, and so forth 
  • Equilibrium: The second thing that you should focus on, is the harmony between the articles and shading plans. You can pick an urgent even equilibrium if the mortgage holders are moderate or you can pick an unbalanced equilibrium to make an all the more trendy energy. 
  • Rhythm: Despite the fact that it sounds surprising, the inside plan utilizes the basics of mood. Each item in the universe has a vibration and you can utilize these vibrations to make a mood by implementing them in your interior design. 
  • Accentuation: As interior designers, more often run over people who wish to feature a portion of their valued belongings. You need to figure out how to accentuate this item so it draws the consideration of any individual who strolls into the room. This might be a piece of craftsmanship that they curated, or a DIY piece that they made, or even a household item. 
  • Subtleties: All your plan thoughts and floor plan and space arranging should be joined with appropriate specifying, in any case, the whole inside space looks aimless and upset.

Shauna Bottos, focusing on each of your details can help you achieve the perfect interior where everything is placed perfectly, in proportion, and with purpose.

Shauna Bottos- Tips for designing your interiors in 2021!

Making a lovely space in your own house isn’t so exceptionally simple as you might suspect. But it can be easy when you get the expertise of a professional interior designer Shauna Bottos. Her every design creates a sense of uniqueness that fits the space beautifully. Interior designs form an integral part of every home because each one of us desires a space that not only is unique but is also functional.


Recreate your home today with the best designing tips that are underlined here: 

  • Follow a Color Scheme: First, regardless of anything else, is picking a shading plan for your home. Pick close to five tones. A fair inside regularly comprises three tints: predominant, auxiliary, and highlight. You can put together these with respect to which tones cause you to feel better, or even those you like to wear. At the point when you plan your room, apportion 60% to the essential tone, 30% to the optional shading, and 10 percent to emphasize shading.
  • Plan Art Placement: Map out you are fine art before you hit a nail into the wall. In the first place, mastermind the workmanship pieces on the floor until you discover a design that you’re content with. Second, make formats for each piece and stick those with veiling types to the wall. Presently you can check and introduce nails and set up your craft assortment. 
  • Amazing Rug Placement: A straightforward inside plan tip to apply in any room, from the room to the parlor, is just placing your mat in the right position. In a huge room, for example, place the mat under the front legs of the couch. If all else fails, recollect that enormous floor coverings are in every case better. 
  • Add a Pendant Light: Regularly pendants are utilized to emphasize lighting and are noteworthy. By basically adding a lovely assertion light you support the visual worth of your home ten times. 

While you can’t decide about the design of your interiors, Shauna Bottos can make your interiors look great at an affordable budget. 

Shauna Bottos- Basics of interior designing and its applications!

A very much embellished inside plan should mirror the reasons and elements of the space to be planned. It makes a state of mind or an inclination and mirrors the character of the inhabitants. Designing is something more than just decorating, it actually makes interiors work at their best.


Interior designers like Shauna Bottos put in their skills to make your insides very jazzy and remarkable.

While going for rearrangement there are not many things that ought to be placed into consideration: 

  • To start with, select the point of convergence for the room’s inside. Once in a while rooms have common central focuses like a chimney, an inlet window, an underlying shelf, and so on In the event that the room inside doesn’t have a characteristic point of convergence, attempt to make one with a unique piece of craftsmanship or a bright territory mat. 
  • Decide if the furniture fulfills the capacities made arrangements for the inside. Dispose of undesirable pieces or exchange them for something different around the house that appears to be fitting. 
  • Lighting ought to be all around considered for the elements of the room just as for the visual allure of the plan. There ought to be either immediate lighting from light or circuitous lights that essentially light up the space for discussion or for TV-watching. Complement lighting floor spots, recessed bright lights, or mounted light, improves surface, shading, and room subtleties. 
  • Draw room on diagram paper, imprint, and measure power plugs and switches, vents, windows, and entryways. 
  • The disposition and sensation of a room inside are made by a selection of shadings, the style of goods, the measure of surface and example utilized, and embellishments. 
  • The least demanding approach to design is, to begin with, some wellspring of motivation. Select the motivation piece admirably, and be certain it causes to feel great to tenants. 
  • Colors ought to consistently uphold the subject and ought to be proper with the patterns and plan of the motivation piece.

There are many things that can be missed out when you are a non-professional, so it is important to take assistance from an expert like Shauna Bottos to achieve a great interior!

Shauna Bottos- What are the core elements of Interior Design?

Interior design is not just a career but is a lifestyle! It is a wonderful work of art that empowers interior designers to share their inventiveness to mirror the character of the homeowner.


Inside decorators like Shauna Bottos have a sharp fashion awareness and furthermore comprehend the stylish worth of symmetric and asymmetric equilibrium.

She can analyze the necessities of the homeowner and incorporate their own plan thoughts and make a wonderful living space that carries serenity to the occupants. 

Here are few elements that are significant for any inside plan: 

  • Space: The primary thing you need to consider, as an inside originator, is Space. Space arranging is the establishment of all plan thoughts. From making the floor intends to plan the living spaces, all that reduces to this one key factor. 
  • Line: The second most significant factor in the inside plan is Line. This planning element empowers you to carry out a topic to the living space. You can decide to utilize basic horizontal or vertical lines if the subject of your plan thoughts is moderation. You can utilize lines to adjust reciprocal plan components or to make a topsy-turvy balance for impact. Lines can be lively or they can be quelled. In any case, they are a significant factor of any planned project. 
  • Light: Regardless of the event that you are making a home plan without any preparation or setting up a makeover for a dull living space, the light ought to consistently be your point of convergence. It is the essential component that makes the state of mind for the room. You can present huge loads of characteristic light with huge windows or bay windows, or you can present various types of highlight lighting to add energy to the general demeanor of the living space. 
  • Color: Color assumes a significant part in lifting or pulverizing the occupant’s aura. While a few groups may think that it’s valuable to be encircled by a splendid, lively color plan, others may discover it to be palpitating. This is the reason it is ideal to join dynamic and dull tones to keep an equilibrium in the living space. 

Keeping a decent equilibrium in the entirety of your inside spaces is the thing that inside creators like Shauna Bottos can help you accomplish!

Shauna Bottos- Interior designing tips that must not be ignored!

Interior designing isn’t just about style, it is more about upgrading usefulness alongside a smooth plan. Regardless of whether you’re remodeling a whole house, tidying up the kitchen, or adding a sprinkle of shading to spruce up a parlor – some helpful pointers from the inside decorator ought not to be missed.

Leading interior designer Shauna Bottos shares her designing tips and mysteries to acquire interior information for changing homes.


Know these tips to enhance your overall space:

  • Think about shadings and textures: Start analyzing the tones you need to utilize – for the painted walls or backdrop, furniture, blinds, and drapes. The third tone could be a feature for pads, lampshades, bed blankets, and embellishments like a decorative spread or even a canvas. Three tones are in every case better compared to two – utilize these tones all through the room.
  • Change old to new: On the off chance that you have a fresh start, it’s simpler, yet more frequently we should work with existing couches or floor coverings, and so forth. You can reupholster the old most loved couch to give it another rent of life? Choose if you are somebody who prefers pattern or plain; customary or contemporary, and take a gander at a shading wheel or nature itself to perceive what tones go with what.
  • Size up the furnishings: Settle on the furniture you need in your room. Consider scale, in a huge room you need a major couch and ottoman. Most designers suggest that even little rooms ought to have one enormous proclamation piece, regardless of whether it is a headboard in a room. A balanced change can bring a great change to your living space.
  • Make it your own: Considering the most recent patterns is beneficial yet consistently put your very own twist on something to make it extraordinary. Your house is the place where you invest a large portion of your energy, so space needs to reflect you.

Inside plans make the space all yours and when you have the help of experts like Shauna Bottos you are sure to get the best enriching spaces!

Shauna Bottos- Why should you use leather in your interior designs?

Looking for renovating plans for your home? The opportunities for this wonderful finished leather material are unending. Contingent upon how it is utilized, you can change your home’s look with only a couple of changes.


Giving it a tasteful modern look, the styles of any room can be formed with the assistance of architects like Shauna Bottos whose skill will yield the most ideal stylistic theme for any space.

The utilization of leather can be valuable to numerous property holders in various manners. Here we are to manage you on its utilization and get the sharp inside style.

  • Adds Unique Aesthetics: The most novel selling point of leather is its remarkable look, feel, smell, and surface. Indeed, no other material has the remarkable same allure as leather. The material consistently mixes into current, contemporary, and even vintage style. While most different materials don’t have the novel capacity to find a way into totally any style and structure, leather does.
  • Effortlessly Maintained: When individuals hear the word leather, they promptly believe that a lot of upkeep should go into it. Nonetheless, this is a long way from reality. Top-notch leather is moderately simple to clean and keep up. Running a perfect cloth over your leather items is sufficient to clean them.
  • Durable and Durable: Because of its toughness leather isn’t handily harmed by sun and warmth openness and can bear customary mileage. In addition, leather has a normal attribute of growing scarce differences and wrinkles throughout the long term, which adds to its character. As leather ages, it creates solid, exceptional lines of character and character, settling on it as an insightful venture decision for homes and workplaces.
  • Flexible: Leather is one such completion that mixes in perfectly with an inside stylistic theme. In addition, it can add allure, marvelousness, and offer a striking expression. By picking the correct tone and plan of your leather insides, you can add immortal styles to your inside plan easily.

By taking the expert assistance of Shauna Bottos, you will actually want to fuse leather into your inside plan and add an exceptional look to your home.

Shauna Bottos- How interior design influences the whole space?

Interior designing plays an important role whenever you are looking to upgrade your home with elements that are sure to enhance the overall decor. The type of interior and surroundings we have equipped ourselves with influences the whole mood and the way we feel. Effectively optimizing the space with the best possible decor enhances the room in beauty and appearance.


Shauna Bottos, being a stellar interior designer understands her client’s needs and develops unique designs for each space. For example- a bedroom design that must induce proper sleep along with a relaxing mood, or a home office area must be designed in order to enhance productivity.

Underlined are some of the reasons why interior designs are important:

  • For safety purposes: An appropriately planned house with legitimate wellbeing measures guarantees that all the inside gear is set in the necessary safe spot and the perilous ones set in those spots far from children. Also, the electric wires in an appropriately planned house are appropriately positioned and very much protected in this way alright for kids and any guest. 
  • A great inside plan is not difficult to keep: An appropriately planned inside assists with guaranteeing simple upkeep of the home over the long haul. Additionally, when the plan is acceptable, the chances for any kind of accident reduce significantly. 
  • A decent plan will work with plentiful space: An appropriately planned home will make arrangements for better space particularly with regards to the living room. The hallways will likewise assist with causing the space to feel greater than it is. This will kill the part of pointless clog which is normal in inadequately planned houses. 
  • Cost saving: An interior designer will assist you with saving your expenses by assisting you with picking the best materials, fittings, and furniture that you can manage with your present spending plan. This will assist you with staying away from exorbitant redesigns and renovating soon after you move into your new home. 

With a planner like Shauna Bottos, you can get a great inside space at a moderate alongside living up to your desires efficiently.

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