Shauna Bottos- 5 Phases Involved In Architectural Design Process

Architecture is different from paper designs as it involves the implementation of your ideas into reality. Architecture is the reflection of our individuality, cultures, and trends. It represents how we see the universe and ourselves.


Get the best guide to design your fantasy house with Shauna Bottos who will help to complete your project! The design of any house, building, or office depends upon the climatic conditions of that particular area.

The climate of the area helps in deciding what materials type should be used in the construction and which design would be the most stable. Architecture makes the space more functional, convenient and ensures each space is utilized to its greatest possibilities in a better way. The best architectural design does not cost much and improves the quality of life.

5 stages of the design process are basic steps in the architectural design process.

  1. Pre-Design: The objective of pre-design is to understand client goals and what type of place is to be used for designing like site analysis, site survey, and data collection.
  1. Schematic Design: In this stage, a series of schematic designs and drawings are made. Approving the floor plan, plumbing, window designs, and electrical connections is part of it.
  1. Design Development: This step involves finalizing the design and the specific material used for designing the building.
  1. Construction Designs: Constructor designers use the drawing, designs, and all the detailed information about the construction and use the best concrete for interior architectural design.
  1. Construction: This is the last phase which includes overall construction. The designs should be perfect in the owner’s eyes. If there is any alteration, it should be done correctly.


Featuring architectural innovation, interior designers should provide each client with the perfect architectural design services through the latest techniques like problem-solving and the art of space-making.

Design your home with an expert like Shauna Bottos as she provides unique, creative, and remarkable interior designs ideas with optimal client experience, productivity, and efficiency.

Published by Shauna Bottos

Shauna Bottos Interior Design is a boutique studio that creates bespoke, exciting and sophisticated interiors across residential, retail and hospitality projects.

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