Shauna Bottos- 4 Steps Towards Becoming an Interior Designer

Interior Designing is the art of magnifying the inner place of the house, office, or any building. The science behind it is quite interesting as it includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design. To design your home with unique and latest designs, Shauna Bottos can help you as she is a successful interior designer having deep knowledge and practical skills. Future in interior architecture and designing will enhance you to explore your artistic boundaries. You can meet like-minded individuals who may or may not have more experience in the field, which will help in broadening horizons.


Anyone with a good taste in decorating can call themselves an interior decorator, but interior architects and designers have the more refined choice.

There are four steps to becoming a famous interior designer:

  • Education

To become an interior designer it is important to get admission to this particular course. This course will lead you towards detailed knowledge and skills that enhance your career goal. Choosing the right institute is always the main thing for this creative course. So choose wisely!

  • Broaden Your Horizon 

Getting informed and creative about all the information regarding interior design is very important in this field. Expanding your knowledge in this field is key to becoming a famous interior designer.  Education will teach you about the experiences of the top interior designers but you have to create your history for yourself.

  • Experience 

Gaining experience will lead you towards perfectionism so clients won’t have the heritage to give you their projects. Always keep your client’s needs in priority, whether they require something classy or trendy! While working under any agency, always try to take on more projects and challenges. Doing more projects will give you confidence and creativity.

  • Marketing skills 

Social skills are very important aspects of any business. Since the market for designers will always be growing. So keeping in mind to meet the demands of a client while managing not to lose out on one’s personal taste is a challenge. Marketing includes various techniques like social media posts, you tube videos, blogs, portfolios, and many more.

With unique, creative, and remarkable interior designing ideas, Shauna Bottos will provide your best tips and tricks to keep your home positive and beautiful.

Published by Shauna Bottos

Shauna Bottos Interior Design is a boutique studio that creates bespoke, exciting and sophisticated interiors across residential, retail and hospitality projects.

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