Shauna Bottos- 5 Tips to enhance your interiors with basics!

Whenever we talk about interior design, there are numerous things that we usually skip that can turn out to be a power booster for your house environment. Stop confusing yourself about it and consult an expert like Shauna Bottos whose expertise in the field can let you know what small things can change your house.


Make a positive effect on your house by following these tips from Shauna Bottos and experience a changed life for your family and yourself.

  • Smirching with Herbs: Healers over the course of the years have utilized the strategy of ‘smearing’- consuming spices like sage to wipe out the stale energy. Make your own smear sticks with spices, or utilize locally acquired natural incense sticks and permit the smoke to enter each side of your rooms. 
  • Clean up your House: Pare down your possessions and go moderate. Discard mess that has collected throughout the long term. Unused or broken things are said to hold onto negative energy, so profoundly clean your closets and dispose of anything you needn’t bother with. 
  • Go light On Your Furniture Too: Rooms with a lot of furniture don’t permit free progression of energy. Pick fewer household items that are reasonable just as excellent. Try not to get carried away with cushions or hefty floor coverings; keep everything light and vaporous. 
  • Use Mirrors to Make Your Rooms Look Spacious: If your rooms are dim and little, reflects that are appropriately positioned can catch the light, upgrade space and add character. Imaginatively calculated mirrors can feature your adored frill, ricochet light through the room, or mirror your nursery curiously. 
  • Get seating that is ergonomic: The vast majority of us invest enormous amounts of energy on our PCs or staring at the TV, and some unacceptable seating can affect the spine. Get a seat with great back and neck support, and receive the rewards of good wellbeing over the long haul. To make it mix with your inside, add a toss that coordinates with your shading range.

With the expertise of Shauna Bottos, you can re-energize your home and enhance your living experience fully. 

Published by Shauna Bottos

Shauna Bottos Interior Design is a boutique studio that creates bespoke, exciting and sophisticated interiors across residential, retail and hospitality projects.

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