Shauna Bottos- Interior designing tips that must not be ignored!

Interior designing isn’t just about style, it is more about upgrading usefulness alongside a smooth plan. Regardless of whether you’re remodeling a whole house, tidying up the kitchen, or adding a sprinkle of shading to spruce up a parlor – some helpful pointers from the inside decorator ought not to be missed.

Leading interior designer Shauna Bottos shares her designing tips and mysteries to acquire interior information for changing homes.


Know these tips to enhance your overall space:

  • Think about shadings and textures: Start analyzing the tones you need to utilize – for the painted walls or backdrop, furniture, blinds, and drapes. The third tone could be a feature for pads, lampshades, bed blankets, and embellishments like a decorative spread or even a canvas. Three tones are in every case better compared to two – utilize these tones all through the room.
  • Change old to new: On the off chance that you have a fresh start, it’s simpler, yet more frequently we should work with existing couches or floor coverings, and so forth. You can reupholster the old most loved couch to give it another rent of life? Choose if you are somebody who prefers pattern or plain; customary or contemporary, and take a gander at a shading wheel or nature itself to perceive what tones go with what.
  • Size up the furnishings: Settle on the furniture you need in your room. Consider scale, in a huge room you need a major couch and ottoman. Most designers suggest that even little rooms ought to have one enormous proclamation piece, regardless of whether it is a headboard in a room. A balanced change can bring a great change to your living space.
  • Make it your own: Considering the most recent patterns is beneficial yet consistently put your very own twist on something to make it extraordinary. Your house is the place where you invest a large portion of your energy, so space needs to reflect you.

Inside plans make the space all yours and when you have the help of experts like Shauna Bottos you are sure to get the best enriching spaces!

Shauna Bottos- Why should you use leather in your interior designs?

Looking for renovating plans for your home? The opportunities for this wonderful finished leather material are unending. Contingent upon how it is utilized, you can change your home’s look with only a couple of changes.


Giving it a tasteful modern look, the styles of any room can be formed with the assistance of architects like Shauna Bottos whose skill will yield the most ideal stylistic theme for any space.

The utilization of leather can be valuable to numerous property holders in various manners. Here we are to manage you on its utilization and get the sharp inside style.

  • Adds Unique Aesthetics: The most novel selling point of leather is its remarkable look, feel, smell, and surface. Indeed, no other material has the remarkable same allure as leather. The material consistently mixes into current, contemporary, and even vintage style. While most different materials don’t have the novel capacity to find a way into totally any style and structure, leather does.
  • Effortlessly Maintained: When individuals hear the word leather, they promptly believe that a lot of upkeep should go into it. Nonetheless, this is a long way from reality. Top-notch leather is moderately simple to clean and keep up. Running a perfect cloth over your leather items is sufficient to clean them.
  • Durable and Durable: Because of its toughness leather isn’t handily harmed by sun and warmth openness and can bear customary mileage. In addition, leather has a normal attribute of growing scarce differences and wrinkles throughout the long term, which adds to its character. As leather ages, it creates solid, exceptional lines of character and character, settling on it as an insightful venture decision for homes and workplaces.
  • Flexible: Leather is one such completion that mixes in perfectly with an inside stylistic theme. In addition, it can add allure, marvelousness, and offer a striking expression. By picking the correct tone and plan of your leather insides, you can add immortal styles to your inside plan easily.

By taking the expert assistance of Shauna Bottos, you will actually want to fuse leather into your inside plan and add an exceptional look to your home.

Shauna Bottos- How interior design influences the whole space?

Interior designing plays an important role whenever you are looking to upgrade your home with elements that are sure to enhance the overall decor. The type of interior and surroundings we have equipped ourselves with influences the whole mood and the way we feel. Effectively optimizing the space with the best possible decor enhances the room in beauty and appearance.


Shauna Bottos, being a stellar interior designer understands her client’s needs and develops unique designs for each space. For example- a bedroom design that must induce proper sleep along with a relaxing mood, or a home office area must be designed in order to enhance productivity.

Underlined are some of the reasons why interior designs are important:

  • For safety purposes: An appropriately planned house with legitimate wellbeing measures guarantees that all the inside gear is set in the necessary safe spot and the perilous ones set in those spots far from children. Also, the electric wires in an appropriately planned house are appropriately positioned and very much protected in this way alright for kids and any guest. 
  • A great inside plan is not difficult to keep: An appropriately planned inside assists with guaranteeing simple upkeep of the home over the long haul. Additionally, when the plan is acceptable, the chances for any kind of accident reduce significantly. 
  • A decent plan will work with plentiful space: An appropriately planned home will make arrangements for better space particularly with regards to the living room. The hallways will likewise assist with causing the space to feel greater than it is. This will kill the part of pointless clog which is normal in inadequately planned houses. 
  • Cost saving: An interior designer will assist you with saving your expenses by assisting you with picking the best materials, fittings, and furniture that you can manage with your present spending plan. This will assist you with staying away from exorbitant redesigns and renovating soon after you move into your new home. 

With a planner like Shauna Bottos, you can get a great inside space at a moderate alongside living up to your desires efficiently.

Shauna Bottos- Intensify your interiors with the use of leather

Leather has been a well-known pattern in the design world. Designers like Shauna Bottos are at present bringing more current ideas into their inside plan with the essential utilization of leather highlights – from the end, tables to the ground surface, furnishings, and even wall covers. The vibe and smell of leather and its simple feel settle on it as a famous decision for upholstery.


Leather has been a piece of our lives however long we know it. Indeed, even the soonest recorded human civic establishments showed us how individuals would regularly utilize creature covers up to warm their bodies or dress. In the event that you are thinking about how you can bring leather insides into your home, here is the way you can begin.

  • Floor coverings And Carpets: Leather floor coverings and rugs are very normal and can add a feeling of extravagance to your home. You can browse different surfaces and shadings, contingent on the remainder of your inside stylistic layout. It is consistently a smart thought to attempt to coordinate with your mats and covers with your lounge chairs. They can be in something very similar or comparative shades. You can even make a sprinkle of shading by settling on a differentiating leather floor covering or rug, offering a strong expression.
  • Feasting Chair And Lounge Chair: The utilization of leather for seats and parlors is now very far-reaching. Be that as it may, it is an inviting expansion to any home. When picking leather lounges and other furnishings, be exceptionally mindful so as to pick a shading that you will actually want to clean and keep up. Select more obscure shades of leather to add style and substance to your inside stylistic layout, without the additional problem of regular support.
  • Curtains: This is one of the unprecedented decisions, however, lately, more individuals are deciding on it. Leather draperies look sumptuous as well as have an allure that is normal for their inclination. You can generally settle on various tones and surfaces, and even add innovation to match the decor.

Shauna Bottos, making her unique and up-to-date designs can complement each space with amazing interiors.

Shauna Bottos- How can Interior Designers enhance your indoors?

An interior designer’s job is diverse, yet generally begins with giving precise plan counsel to the ideal, safe control of the individuals who work, live or utilize inside space. A designer may inform on the inside design with respect to a structure and propose different reconfigurations, just as suggesting items and surfaces.

Here you need an expert like Shauna Bottos who isn’t just a specialist in fundamental abilities yet in addition creates 2D or 3D plans and timetables for every item, design plans for tiles, warming, and electrical attachment plans for area and capacities.

Contingent upon the intricacy and the commission, a planner may likewise be the resource for project workers, just as an individual from the Design Team close by engineers, constructors, electrical and mechanical specialists, and so on

  • Evaluating the effect of an inside plan: As an originator’s decision straightforwardly impacts the prosperity and security of the individuals who will possess an inside abiding, the designer offer should be precise and where fundamental, acquire freely confirmed and transparent exhortation to helpful suggestions. Wrong guidance and unseemly detail may break laws, cause extra expenses, produce deferrals or increment dangers to the individuals who contribute, and at last utilize the space.
  • Talking with expert partners: A designer isn’t just a guide to the customer, however frequently, likewise a specialist to the project worker and specialists. Creators occasionally are additionally expected to haggle with different industry specialists in their acquisition of items and establishment of materials, for example, primary designers when appointing a light fitting or Asbestos reports prior to charging divider framing. Designers likewise need to talk with organizers because of consistent commitments from changes produced in the plan plot. An originator should along these lines have information on a huge number of abilities.
  • Giving the inside plan administration: The designer ought to incorporate timetables of the materials needed to get the plan to conspire, including CAD drawings and tried capacity or use codes. At the point when the plan is endorsed by the customer, the scheme produces detailed plans which the customer favors prior to announcing ‘plan freeze’.

Shauna Bottos, being an interior designer, designs the space to augment the capacity and safe development within the decor.

Shauna Bottos- Enhance Your Office Interior With Proper Space Planning

To make use of every corner of your space it is important that you utilize all of your office space in an effective manner. The best utilization of any space is understood by employers later and by that time it is already too late.


So, a wise decision is to hire a professional like Shauna Bottos whose expertise can help in redefining your already existing space or can shape your new office to get the maximum space utilization.

Designers make and change spaces to recount their customer’s accounts and advance their vision with imaginative plan arrangements. Every customer and their requirements are different. Designers coordinate the space, furniture, and capacities to cooperate and most adequately oblige the necessities of the workers and guests. At the point when inventive arranging strategies are utilized in getting sorted out space, studies show client maintenance, employee engagement, and development are supported.

Things to consider while space arranging:

  • To begin with, what are the objectives of the association – representative commitment? Employee wellbeing? Welcoming shared spaces? Space arranging can address and support these drawn-out objectives with a reasonably planned inside climate.
  • Then, consider how time will be spent in the structure. Contingent upon the business and kind of business, employees may sit at their work areas the entire day, they may team up and work in huge gatherings or maybe have a work style that falls someplace in the middle. Most office conditions should oblige these prospects somehow.
  • At long last, there ought to be attention on planning a space that is ergonomically amicable for employees. Deliberately chose furniture permits representatives to both sit and stand in their workstations. Certain changes for movement can invigorate efficiency and wellbeing. For instance, taking out squander jars at each station and offering one focal reusing station will get employees up and strolling, if in any event, for a brief timeframe.

Shauna Bottos being a specialist in the field can improve your space and furthermore help in overseeing everything all together at a moderate expense.


Do you wish to design your recently developed home? You should be searching for something other than what’s expected and one of a kind.

Looking for topical motivation? Proficient interior designers like Shauna Bottos are there to help. Planning your home insides with an inventive subject has become a pattern.


An ideal plan will be set up with a mix of novel brightening styles, current adornments, and experienced professionals. Nothing can be left dubious when a specialist like her is there to help you on account of her skill.
Here are various sorts of inside planning styles:

  • Nautical Interior Designing Style: This kind of plan inside your home will portray a positive wave. You will get a picture of a warm and loosening up see. The nautical stylistic layout has models from house or beachfront style stylistic themes. Regularly, the designers put the establishment of sand tone or white tone. The specialists additionally put a bit of blue. Since the subject is seaside, the brightening materials utilized here are jute ropes, boats, shells in clear containers, route maps, and so forth The originator utilizes wood in the incomplete structure to bring a characteristic view.
  • Contemporary Interior Design style: A few groups think the modern style is contemporary. Be that as it may, as a general rule, the two styles are very unique in relation to each other. However, the planners utilize both current and contemporary styles in an exchangeable example. The contemporary plans are more fluidic in nature. Hence, this can be modified according to the interest of the individual.
  • Modern Interior Design: The spotless and fresh lines over your home plans will portray the modern style. The materials utilized in this sort of configuration are for the most part glass and steel. This looks basic yet excellent. You will get another and new look with the whole stylistic layout. The smooth and extraordinary plan of furniture can prevail upon the core of numerous individuals searching for a change.

With numerous such plans Shauna Bottos, as your architect can help in accomplishing the best insides for your home.


Bathroom formats can be difficult, yet a little washroom can be especially difficult. The washroom is actually an individual space for each person and its plan ought to be agreeable to the point that whether the space is little, it should follow all your vital necessities.


In the event that your restroom is lacking in space and you need some little washroom thoughts to make it work, Shauna Bottos can be an ideal decision. She has been planning home insides for an extensive stretch now and her uniqueness is momentous in each regard!

Best Layouts for small bathroom designs:

  • Add Mirror Walls: Adding a mirror across an entire wall can twofold the look and feel of the room. This is especially compelling over a vanity or along one side of a limited washroom. Mirrors are additionally incredible for mirroring light, so you can get more lighting from your light apparatuses or windows.
  • Wall-Mounted Toilets: On the off chance that you have space in the dividers of your little washroom to work in a toilet tank, you can save both floor space and legroom with a divider-mounted toilet. In the event that you can’t wall-mount the toilet, consider adding racking over the tank for extra stockpiling or stretching out your vanity top to make a limited edge.
  • Lose the Tub: Tubs take up double the measure of floor space as showers. If you have the option to let go of the tub, you’ll open up space fundamentally. Showers are a great option for grown-ups and visitors. In the event that you add a hand shower, showers are likewise great for getting pets clean as well.
  • Little Sinks and Floating Vanities: Likewise, with wall-mounted toilets, wall-mounted sinks are an amazing method to save floor space and to cause your little washroom to show up more open.

Washrooms being a fundamental piece of each house should be exceptional with the most recent contraptions and Shauna Bottos can help you with the best plan!


One corner rather be said the primary satisfactory zone of each house is the living room. Making a little living room format that works can be a difficult undertaking, particularly if the family room in your modest dwelling place is little or restricted. If not spread out as expected, you can wind up with a living space that feels stuffed or like an unfilled ‘rear entryway’. We realize this isn’t your vision for your home.


Turn your little, tight living room into a practical and welcoming space for you and your family with a specialist like Shauna Bottos. Her plans are mind-blowing in the manner that she creates them to suit each space as requested by her customers.

  • Make a Focal Point: Give you space a point that is noticed by everyone like an attractive wall. You can utilize an imaginative backdrop, the most loved paint tone, or the inventive design of a work of art.
  • Plan Your Pathway: Keep in notice the pathways when arranging the design of your living room. This is particularly significant for homes with an open floor plan. The most straightforward route is to make a straight pathway on one side of the room. While planning this type, you have two alternatives. One way is to get the pathway behind the couch and the other to have before it.
  • Make a Cozy Corner: Spot your seating towards a corner and near one another to make a comfortable and personal guest plan. Make your side seats to a point where they look towards the couch. This makes a bent pathway through the room that is welcoming and that doesn’t meddle with the capacity of the room.
  • Think about Your Coffee Table: While a footstool may appear to be a norm or customary piece for a room, it doesn’t need to be. Get innovative while considering your end table. Would you be able to get some extra room by having a rack under it? Investigate with offbeat pieces, for example, an old trunk that can offer additional extra room inside or a footstool.

To sort out the best formats for the living room, Shauna Bottos, as an interior designer is an ideal choice one can have.


The dining area is best when the entire family assembles for a regular feast whether it be toward the beginning of the day for breakfast, lunch, or supper. This space is so essential that families should be raised with the best inside plans to pull in the consideration of everybody at whatever point they cross it or sit for dinners.


Interior designers like Shauna Bottos hold mastery in conveying the best sort of plans fitting your feasting space and offering the greatest space to fit in other decoratives also.

Here are some dining area plans for your home:

Gold and Smoked glass:
Gold has sneaked into the hearts of inside originators and is supplanting copper, metal, and rose gold. Smoked glass lampshades are additionally in incredible interest this year. A lampshade made of blue smoked glass ensures wow impacts, yet pendant lights in dark or white shades are additionally genuine eye-catchers. In the event that you dare, you can join a few pendant lights produced using various materials and make energizing differences.

Marble Tabletop:
Marble is one of the works of art among regular stones. Its rich grain essentially can’t relinquish the eyes and its cleaned surface mirrors the light. A marble tabletop brings a dash of restrictiveness and extravagance to the dining area. The material can be completely joined with wood. Eating seats with cowhide covers or inconspicuous leather subtleties work out in a good way for this.

Draping Plants:
Back to nature – this year the indoor plants are an excellent improvement as well as the principal entertainers on the inside. At the point when corners and specialties are full, there are options in contrast to hanging them up, for the model over the feasting territory. From one perspective, this makes more space for other furnishings, and then again, the plants get all the more light. Suspended on a branch over the eating table, they cut an especially decent figure.

With architects like Shauna Bottos, you can have your dining area improved with astounding plans for the year ahead.

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