Shauna Bottos- Interior Designing Material that Inspires You Everyday

Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room which starts with a great carpet and the rest will fall into place. The flooring not only gives you beautiful space to stand on, but it can also inspire the feel of your space by enhancing the beauty of your home and forms the foundation of your room design.


Let’s start decorating your dream homes with famous and experienced interior designer Shauna Bottos.

Here are some of the most popular flooring materials for your fantasy home:

  • Wood:

Natural wood is long-lasting, durable, and also wear-resistant. If you want to create a natural warm look, choose wooden floors and if the wooden material darkens with age, you may choose to refinish or retouch it. The matting on wooden floors is important as the material is not moisture-resistant and wooden material is susceptible to shrinking and expanding. The engineered wood is a popular choice for floors and artificially manufactured wood appears almost like natural wood. It is better to choose engineered wood over natural wood since it shrinks or expands pretty little. Engineered wood comes prefinished, you don’t need to apply further coatings in which the surface is scratch-resistant and cannot wear and tear. But, still, it is important to cover the engineered wood floors with mats and rugs.     

  • Carpets:

Carpets are the best floor covering that not only adds decor to space but keeps warmness, coziness, and softness when used in the living areas. When choosing carpets, be careful because most carpets wear and tear easily. Make sure to choose high-quality fabric for the carpet material that should be stain-resistant and durable. Like carpet, any other material cannot have the kind of comfort, warmth, and texture as given by the carpet. Carpets also increase the life of the floors.

With a proficient interior designer, Shauna Bottos you can blend the aesthetics of a place with the functionality and magnify the beauty of your home gracefully by adding classy carpets to your furniture.

Shauna Bottos- Material that paves the way for Modern Interiors

Using the high-end material in each and every space is key for perfect interior designing. Not all materials fit well in any room although today there are technical solutions for almost everything so choosing the right ones will mean the difference between an ordinary look and one that is unique and stylish.


Shauna Bottos is a successful and proficient interior designer who can blend the aesthetics of a place with the functionality and do things as per the choice or preference of a homeowner.

Interior design materials are used to make the finished design and by choosing the best materials, you may create unique spaces. We will discuss how to choose the best interior designing material for your home:

  • Stone:

Nothing lasts forever but a natural stone does! Natural stone is a versatile, most durable, and appealing material option available in varied sizes, colors, and shapes. Natural stones are capable of bringing warmth to the home and a decorating wall with stones adds positivity to your place. The classic limestone and marble are timeless which tend to absorb dirt and stains. Use natural stone for creating beautiful floors and walls which complement furniture pieces. The kitchen area becomes more functional and appealing with the centerpiece of marble which enhances your cooking abilities.

  • Glass:

The glass will double the grace of your fantasy home! Add sophistication, style, and elegance to your interior space with glass. Glass is used in windows, doors extensively to create beautiful interiors with a modern look.  Glass is a famous choice because of its diffusing and light refracting qualities. There are seven types of glass material which is textured or patterned glass, spandrel glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, satin glass, security glass, clear glass, acoustic glass, and energy-efficient glass. Among all the kinds, patterned or textured glass is the most popular option for graceful interior designing. Stained glass windows may fabulously decorate your interiors and add spark to your interior. Tinted glass prepared by adding metallic oxides is also a popular choice in modern homes.

If you are planning to give a stone and natural touch in your fantasy home, Shauna Bottos is an experienced and famous interior designer as she provides unique, creative, and remarkable interior design ideas for high-end quality with optimal client experience, productivity, and efficiency. 

Shauna Bottos- 5 Phases Involved In Architectural Design Process

Architecture is different from paper designs as it involves the implementation of your ideas into reality. Architecture is the reflection of our individuality, cultures, and trends. It represents how we see the universe and ourselves.


Get the best guide to design your fantasy house with Shauna Bottos who will help to complete your project! The design of any house, building, or office depends upon the climatic conditions of that particular area.

The climate of the area helps in deciding what materials type should be used in the construction and which design would be the most stable. Architecture makes the space more functional, convenient and ensures each space is utilized to its greatest possibilities in a better way. The best architectural design does not cost much and improves the quality of life.

5 stages of the design process are basic steps in the architectural design process.

  1. Pre-Design: The objective of pre-design is to understand client goals and what type of place is to be used for designing like site analysis, site survey, and data collection.
  1. Schematic Design: In this stage, a series of schematic designs and drawings are made. Approving the floor plan, plumbing, window designs, and electrical connections is part of it.
  1. Design Development: This step involves finalizing the design and the specific material used for designing the building.
  1. Construction Designs: Constructor designers use the drawing, designs, and all the detailed information about the construction and use the best concrete for interior architectural design.
  1. Construction: This is the last phase which includes overall construction. The designs should be perfect in the owner’s eyes. If there is any alteration, it should be done correctly.


Featuring architectural innovation, interior designers should provide each client with the perfect architectural design services through the latest techniques like problem-solving and the art of space-making.

Design your home with an expert like Shauna Bottos as she provides unique, creative, and remarkable interior designs ideas with optimal client experience, productivity, and efficiency.

Shauna Bottos- 4 Steps Towards Becoming an Interior Designer

Interior Designing is the art of magnifying the inner place of the house, office, or any building. The science behind it is quite interesting as it includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design. To design your home with unique and latest designs, Shauna Bottos can help you as she is a successful interior designer having deep knowledge and practical skills. Future in interior architecture and designing will enhance you to explore your artistic boundaries. You can meet like-minded individuals who may or may not have more experience in the field, which will help in broadening horizons.


Anyone with a good taste in decorating can call themselves an interior decorator, but interior architects and designers have the more refined choice.

There are four steps to becoming a famous interior designer:

  • Education

To become an interior designer it is important to get admission to this particular course. This course will lead you towards detailed knowledge and skills that enhance your career goal. Choosing the right institute is always the main thing for this creative course. So choose wisely!

  • Broaden Your Horizon 

Getting informed and creative about all the information regarding interior design is very important in this field. Expanding your knowledge in this field is key to becoming a famous interior designer.  Education will teach you about the experiences of the top interior designers but you have to create your history for yourself.

  • Experience 

Gaining experience will lead you towards perfectionism so clients won’t have the heritage to give you their projects. Always keep your client’s needs in priority, whether they require something classy or trendy! While working under any agency, always try to take on more projects and challenges. Doing more projects will give you confidence and creativity.

  • Marketing skills 

Social skills are very important aspects of any business. Since the market for designers will always be growing. So keeping in mind to meet the demands of a client while managing not to lose out on one’s personal taste is a challenge. Marketing includes various techniques like social media posts, you tube videos, blogs, portfolios, and many more.

With unique, creative, and remarkable interior designing ideas, Shauna Bottos will provide your best tips and tricks to keep your home positive and beautiful.

Shauna Bottos- Know all about the History of Interior Designing!

Designing and decorating one’s home has been a practice followed by various developments for ages, yet where did it truly start? The most generally settled upon answer is the Egyptian development, the occupants of which were known to decorate their homes with delightful metal ancient rarities, energetic works of art, and even furniture with creature skins. Homes were planned by their balance with different houses in the town, with a perplexing water framework going through each home. Comparative thoughts were fused by the Romans, who likened a lavish home to an individual’s status in the public eye.


Proceeding with the pattern of interior designing, Shauna Bottos sees the present necessities and helps in wonderful styles. 

Evolution of Spaces 

A similar idea advanced in an alternate design during the Medieval Era of Europe. The ascent of Christianity saw far and wide use of white, red, and purple tones, oversimplified wooden framing, and floors made out of marble. On the other hand, the Dark Ages carried with them a general feeling of restraint, to such an extent that even the rich and well-known were restraining their style. 

Designs During the Renaissance 

In the long run, however, in the fifteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years, with the approach of the Renaissance time frame came an inundation of exquisite and extravagant plans, with perplexing carvings on wooden boards and room separators that had scenes from the Bible and other blessed writings painted onto them. Things of everyday use too, like furnishings and flatware, would be sourced from the best of materials. 

Modern Art and Design 

Painters, stone carvers, and other creative scholarly people, in the long run, started to try different things by pushing the limits of plan out and out, bringing forth craftsmanship developments like Impressionism and Surrealism. Normally, this vision pervaded into the circle of everyday life, discovering articulation in interior designs that pushed the ordinary limits of a home.

Shauna Bottos has a clear understanding of how and why interior design can help you upgrade your space and choosing her for decorating your decor will surely help you immensely.

Shauna Bottos- Learn everything about interior designing!

The force of a positive, stylishly engaging space is obvious—we incline toward a brilliant, vivid, and impeccably decorated room any given day more than one that is dull, dim, and dormant.


That is the reason changing over a customary room into a workspace that may turn into the asylum of all your inventive cycles is really an errand to attempt and a specialist inside planner like Shauna Bottos can assist you with accomplishing the ideal stylistic theme. 

Interior Designing 

Interior designing basically includes an expansive range of abilities: from getting materials and their usefulness in an outline to ensure that a plan clings to the principles and laws of the area, and inside fashioner is required to know all that is inside and outside any substantial construction. Nowadays, nonetheless, establishments are hoping to advance with the occasions, with courses that consolidate integral fields, like engineering and plan. 

Designer Or Decorator—What’s the distinction? 

The essential contrast between an interior designer and an interior decorator is that of instruction. A decorator chooses what embellishments, creative pieces, paints, and such can be utilized to improve a given space. A creator, then again, in the wake of acquiring their certification in courses identified with the field of interior designing needs to consider the visual part of the space as well as the underlying activities of the structure. This includes sorting out where distinctive power lines go, which pipeline is associated with which side, and so on. An inside designer is, notwithstanding, normally the decorator of the space too. 

The Relevancy of Interior Architecture and Design 

As referenced previously, there is a lot more to interior designing than basically choosing colors for somebody’s room. Without a doubt, you can note down the sort of tones and the work of art you need for your room, however, an inside designer, just as an inside engineer and creator, will have, quickly, more access and a superior feeling of planning with regards to changing your thoughts into the real world.

Enhancing your interiors with Shauna Bottos can really be impressive as her unique ideas as per your needs will lead your space more attractive and spacious.

Shauna Bottos- Key benefits of hiring an interior designer!

Regardless of whether you need to make each space of your home look greater or change your inside’s whole feel, the plan thoughts for home plan and remodel are interminable.


To ensure you’re making the best choice for your home, employing an expert interior designer like Shauna Bottos can be a brilliant choice.

All things considered, specialists in home design can direct you from intending to making your home look stylishly satisfying and utilitarian without blowing your financial plan. All things considered, here are a portion of the advantages you can get if you employ an expert designer when planning or revamping your home. 

  • Stay away from Costly Mistakes: The vast majority feel that employing an expert interior designer is only an extra cost. Be that as it may, it probably won’t be the situation for first-time property holders who need to remodel their homes yet don’t have the foggiest idea of how to begin. Accordingly, proficient decorators can show you incredible plan thoughts that can transform your home into an impression of your character and style. 
  • Saves You Time: Actually like employing an interior designer can set aside your cash, it can likewise save you time. An interior designer has a prepared feeling of how you should help your home remodel and how to do it. With their mastery, they can expect a portion of the issues that may emerge during the whole patching-up measure. Other than that, they may likewise give you a hand in searching for different extras, goods, and lighting for your home.
  • Accomplish a ‘Goodness’ Factor: Breaking new ground is the thing that expert home decorators do. All things considered, employing one will help you think of extraordinary plan thoughts and pick distinctive plan components from the shading range and texture decisions to legitimate lighting and furniture course of action. Thus, your home won’t just look firm and delightful, yet it’ll likewise be all around arranged out and profoundly utilitarian. 

With remarkable plan thoughts from a specialist like Shauna Bottos, your home will transform into a space that mirrors your character and way of life.

Shauna Bottos- 5 Tips to enhance your interiors with basics!

Whenever we talk about interior design, there are numerous things that we usually skip that can turn out to be a power booster for your house environment. Stop confusing yourself about it and consult an expert like Shauna Bottos whose expertise in the field can let you know what small things can change your house.


Make a positive effect on your house by following these tips from Shauna Bottos and experience a changed life for your family and yourself.

  • Smirching with Herbs: Healers over the course of the years have utilized the strategy of ‘smearing’- consuming spices like sage to wipe out the stale energy. Make your own smear sticks with spices, or utilize locally acquired natural incense sticks and permit the smoke to enter each side of your rooms. 
  • Clean up your House: Pare down your possessions and go moderate. Discard mess that has collected throughout the long term. Unused or broken things are said to hold onto negative energy, so profoundly clean your closets and dispose of anything you needn’t bother with. 
  • Go light On Your Furniture Too: Rooms with a lot of furniture don’t permit free progression of energy. Pick fewer household items that are reasonable just as excellent. Try not to get carried away with cushions or hefty floor coverings; keep everything light and vaporous. 
  • Use Mirrors to Make Your Rooms Look Spacious: If your rooms are dim and little, reflects that are appropriately positioned can catch the light, upgrade space and add character. Imaginatively calculated mirrors can feature your adored frill, ricochet light through the room, or mirror your nursery curiously. 
  • Get seating that is ergonomic: The vast majority of us invest enormous amounts of energy on our PCs or staring at the TV, and some unacceptable seating can affect the spine. Get a seat with great back and neck support, and receive the rewards of good wellbeing over the long haul. To make it mix with your inside, add a toss that coordinates with your shading range.

With the expertise of Shauna Bottos, you can re-energize your home and enhance your living experience fully. 

Shauna Bottos- Improve your wellness quotient with interior designs?

Has it at any point entered your thoughts that the spaces around you can significantly affect your wellbeing and health?


To make one such space you need a specialist inside originator like Shauna Bottos who can assist you with accomplishing a plan that supports your wellbeing.

Here’s the way you can make a warm, elegantly adorned home inside that positively affects your existence with top planning tips for your wellbeing. 

  • Get the Sunshine: Natural light does ponder for the positive energy in your home, so open up the windows each day, and let the daylight do something amazing! Select light, vaporous curtains at your windows to amplify the light coming in. Daylight is likewise an extraordinary regular sanitizer and tenderly scrubs the air, keeping you sound. 
  • Bring Nature into your Home: Extend your living spaces to the outside with enormous windows that neglect the nursery, or make an intriguing overhang space that joins a ton of plant life. Encircling yourself with nature is an extraordinary method to add inspirational tones and turn up the bliss remainder. You may be intrigued to think about plants for the room. 
  • Get Indoor Plants that Purify the Air: You may not have a clue about this, yet the air inside shut spaces is regularly more dirtied than vehicle discharges! There’s a simple fix: Plants! Some stunning indoor plants are known to retain poisons and clean contamination. Develop aloe in pots on your radiant kitchen window, and spot a snake plant in your restroom. Money plants look pretty in hanging pots and can be hung anyplace. 
  • Play with Colors: Everyone realizes that tones directly affect states of mind! Pick the shading plans of your rooms with care. You should feel loose in the room, and vivacious and friendly in the lounge area. Warm blues, pale whites, or greens are acceptable decisions for the room. A wrap of canary yellow in your kitchen can light up your temperament and elevate your energy.

Shauna Bottos with her expertise can get you a space that improves your overall wellness.

Shauna Bottos- Tips for the best interior designing!

Inside designing is the mix of different parts of a crude building plan and the most recent inside plan tips and patterns – all with a definitive objective of drawing out the best appearance in a setting. Regardless of whether you are planning a home or an office, it is vital to revive the dimensional parts of a room and make an immaculate visual.


Shauna Bottos, an astounding inside designer can assist you with the best inside plan and make your space extraordinary and appealing with her reasonableness and offering different planning tips. 

  • The Principle of Harmony and Unity: In request to viably utilize this rule, we suggest you study the regions that lead to and associate each room you are attempting to plan and consider the energy the general space produces – all before you even begin planning. If you can see how space affects you in general, sorting out how you will plan a solitary viewpoint will then, at that point be a lot simpler, and you’ll have the option to comprehend that solitary angle inside the setting of the remaining floor plan. 
  • The Principle of Forms: It is particularly significant, as it manages every individual article in a room and the manners by which it plays off and identifies with different items. To make a space that follows the rule of structure an inside planner needs to completely comprehend what sort of furniture and adornments can and ought to be complemented. 
  • The Principle of Designing with a Purpose: Every inside planner realizes that each room has its own special reason. Regardless of whether it’s anything but an office, a lounge, or a room, each room serves a particular capacity, and guarantees the plan features – not hinders – that reason. The standard of planning with a reason alludes to completely understanding the capacity of a room inside the setting of the general space, and afterward intentionally coordinating with your plan to this agreement.

Shauna Bottos helps in creating a space that sets perfectly as per your needs at an affordable budget. 

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