Shauna Bottos- 4 Ways You Can Sell Your Art to Designers Easily

Any place needs a piece of statement that would stand out and bring about a beautiful factor to the space and there can be none other than the art itself. It is believed that there are as many art galleries as there are interior designers in the market.


If you need to stand out and grab the attention of the interior designers, according to Shauna Bottos it is said that you can follow the steps below to form a rapport with the buyers in the market:

  1. Keep up to date with the trends 

No one wants to be feeling left out and it shouldn’t happen that your artwork has the same color and pattern from the last 10 years. Art requires creativity and one such thing to make it possible is staying up to the colors and patterns that are going on in the market. 

  1. Having variations in your work

Having a similar design and size pattern is going to make it harder to connect with the buyer as they might have different perspectives for different places. It is always advised to have large works like 38 x 48 and up at a reasonable price, as they tend to be more in demand. 

  1. Go to events where the interior designers go 

A great way to socialize and make connections is via attending art shows,  galleries, workshops as a lot of the interior designers explore the places to lookout for a new piece in such places. You can also search for designers in your area on Google or join relevant designer groups on Linkedin and other social media. 

  1. Social media 

In the growing demand for online business and how people have evolved with buying art online, it could be a great way to directly connect with designers. It also gives you an opportunity to show your artwork and grab more attention from designers not only in your neighborhood but a chance to grow globally. Follow and connect with designers from everywhere. 

As an artist, it is important to connect with designers as it could be a source of selling your art to potential buyers.

It also has a good impact on your income and Shauna Bottos believes following these steps can result in an increase in your income and your reputation in the market. 

Shauna Bottos-Paint Trend Ideas of 2021 for Beautiful Looking Walls 

From plain white walls, the trend has taken up to bright yellow tones to calming teal green tone, bold blues, and sophisticated brown tones.


The right color can change the message of the room, according to Shauna Bottos. Choosing a color that just sits right with the aura of your room and the message it wants to deliver is so much important.

Here are some of the trends of 2021 that are the talk of the town.

Yellow and Grey 

The color of the sun is yellow and just like rays of sunlight can brighten and lighten everything it falls on so does a wall with yellow color give those feels. Mixing and matching bright colors with cool colors can provide you with a room full of energizing vibes.  Putting two independent colors together is always a great idea as they both stand out in their distinctions. 

Teal green

The color that made it to the top of the list of color trends has been none other than the calming color, teal green. Not only for the walls but this color has also been used for painting cabinets and doors. This color not only brings out elegance to your place but creates a soothing and warm space for your home. It can be paired with warm beiges and soft creams tones. 


The earthly color brings about a vibe of calm and stability. Gone are the days where sticking to neutral colors was the only way we saw the walls. This bronze shade can add a touch of tranquility to your space for mindful relaxation and renewal of the brain. It is an easy color that adds a look that is different and exquisite.

Inky Blue

Have you seen how a gemstone in colors of green and blue brings out the feel of the heritage vibe? Your room or space can be lightened up with wood and white accents to create a vibe of the chic interior. This bold color is going to make you stand out with its naturally rich pigment. 

There are a lot of colors to choose from and Shauna Bottos has listed some of the popular trends that bring about a change to your space and look beautiful on interior walls.

Shauna Bottos- The Lighting Trends Not to Miss Out On in 2021

What could be better than a design so unique and perfect that it could change the look of your entire room? You want to light up any place their cant be a better option than having trendy and classy lighting in your place. 


When installing lights, Shauna Bottos says that having a magnificent design scheme can be a game-changer in decorating any room. 

According to lighting experts and interior designers, the trends discussed below are going to be a hit in 2021:

  1. Focal point design 

The ceiling lights are becoming the big talk when it comes to designing any space and instead of lighting left out for the last bit, they are usually chosen first.  The new ceiling lights are not merely functional anymore but also are exceptionally stylish adding an elegant definition to the room. 

  1. Sculptural design

When you want to add a touch of language to your space then the bold sculptural table lamps couldn’t be missed out. It not only provides lighting function but is a piece of art that adds attractiveness in any corner of the house.

  1. Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are designed in a way to create a focal point whereas the other detailings will reflect the light around the room with an astonishing dazzling effect. These lights are the perfect way to light those corners when the night darkness comes. 

  1. Statement lamps

Like the word itself, these lamps are here to make a style statement even when they are not used for lighting. These lamps have a very unique design, unlike regular lamps, and adds up as a significant decoration piece. 

  1. Have both color and pattern

What could go wrong with having color and pattern in the same lampshade? it adds a colorful and aesthetic look elevating the look of your home. These lamps add spark like a vibrant outfit would do on a colorful day. 

Lighting is not only used to bring about light in the darkness but with such sophisticated designs, it is like an accessory to add to your room matching with your furniture to give a cozy deep feel with show-stopping pieces of art.

There is so much you can explore with Shauna Bottos for the new trends to give your home a new look. 

Shauna Bottos-The Latest Sustainable Interior Designing Trends

Why do sustainable things matter? If you don’t know then let me tell you that sustainable things are now trending in the whole globe for their purity and naturality. According to Shauna Bottos, You can’t even imagine how a sustainable material can change the aesthetic of your home by making your home quite elegant and beautiful. So here are some of the ideas you can have to get sustainable things at your home.

Shauna Bottos-The Latest Sustainable Interior Designing Trends
Shauna Bottos-The Latest Sustainable Interior Designing Trends

BAMBOO: Nothing is better than bamboo if you create a natural space because it’s pretty versatile, hard, and adorable. Bamboo is also a very flexible material and it makes a great choice if you are decorating your home. So the first thing you can do is add some bamboo hybrid plants in your home and you can also make a bamboo room in your garden where you have quality time. Bamboo frames are also trending nowadays, for mirrors you can use that.

NATURAL STONES: Another incredibly versatile material for your desired home is a pure and natural stone like travertine or marble. These amazing stones come in such a huge variety of colors and patterns, so you’re almost guaranteed to find something you adore for life time. If you’re about to remodel your home, a sustainable and strong material like travertine can put elegance at the same time.

CORK: Nowadays cork is used on floors, walls, accessories, or as insulation. By using cork as a cushion below your flooring you can reduce the requirement for an anti-fatigue mat at your standing desk. Cork under the floor magnifies both the sustainability and aesthetic of your design.

Shauna Bottos-The Latest Sustainable Interior Designing Trends
Shauna Bottos-The Latest Sustainable Interior Designing Trends

Dry leaves, branches, and Flowers: Instead of using plastic and synthetic flowers or other decorating material you can use natural dry products like flowers, colored dry branches, or much more. If you are less creative or have another interest rather than interior designing then you can prefer well known interior designers like Shauna Bottos.

Shauna Bottos- A Complete Guide of Top Interior Lighting Design Trends

Every interior designing company knows the importance of lighting in a home as lighting can change everything about the design, from the feel of a room to its perceived size.

When you don’t have a huge knowledge of lighting systems, then you can get a complete guide from an expert in interior designing like Shauna Bottos.

Perfect lighting compliments the design of a room and makes you desire to spend your time relaxing in the comforting ambiance of your home. When you are about to design a home, you have to work with various factors such as selection of colors, size of the room, and availability of natural light. Every room has a different style of color and furniture so to manage according to that is quite difficult so an interior designing expert is needed to make an ideal combination. There is a huge innovation in the style of interior designing lights and furniture designing. So here are some ideas of interior designing lighting trends: 

LED Lighting 

As we know that many people are becoming more environmentally conscious of the wasteful nature of incandescent bulbs. LED light not only saves money and power but also comes in many designs and functions to provide great control over your lighting design. You can install a light with dimming functions to transform the ambiance of your living room according to your mood.

Oversized Lighting

The most attractive thing in the home is bigger lighting fixtures when a guest entering in a room, they will have direct attention from your guest. Oversized lighting fixtures can play a role as a centerpiece of a room by creating a focal point in the room. Down ceilings are also becoming important in the design to matches your style and classic look. 

Modern Retro Lighting

You have seen in social media platforms or many other websites of interior designing that industrial rustic finishes are making a comeback that will give a classic look to your home. If you want to represent who you are, then you need something that is attention-grabbing like a large oversized ceiling lamp. Shauna Bottos can provide you with a home interior design that will ensure your lighting is both functional and stylish. 

Shauna Bottos- How Technology deives Innovation in Interior Designing?

Designing the interior of the house was in the limelight since the prehistoric cultural age. After that, there is a huge development in style, sustainability, and functionality. Nowadays, designing the interior of a room is done with the help of few technological advancements and an innovative interior designer like Shauna Bottos. The attraction towards sustainable living has had a huge impact on the materials and techniques used to recreate internal spaces. Now living standards of people have developed high expectations of the regular availability of technology. There are some of the technologies which can show that the impact of technology in interior designing: 


1. Smart Homes:

The interior design has been expanding from traditional living spaces into high technology homes. Today technology has reached the limit of mountains, now you can control all your electronic systems on the phone like lighting fan, Ac, kitchen appliances, and much more. You can also set automated time in your bedrooms to manage natural lighting in your room. In smart homes, there is a high-end security system in which you can set the camera, auto control doors, voice exchanging, fingerprint locking system, much more. 

2. 3D Printing:

3D has changed the style of interior designing as in 3D interior designing you can customize by having many options. It also gives you personalized furniture with new exciting ways of creating inexpensive prototypes as soon as possible. 3D printing gives many ways to the designers to design with a new combination of materials, structures, and shapes.  

3. Smart Design Tools:

According to Shauna Bottos, earlier the designers have to make everything on paper by using scales, tape measures, and other things. But now they use smart apps and tabs to make designing patterns, furniture designing, and much more. They can send their ideas to the customers and upload them on their websites. 

Shauna Bottos- Interior Designing is all Technology Driven now!

Planning the inside of a room has been impacting everything since the ancient social age. From that point forward, it has seen advancements in style, usefulness, and sustainability. Today, designing a room or building is finished with the assistance of a few technical headways. The business of inside plan appears to have been to some degree a slow developer with regards to joining innovation into its cycles. In spite of this, the industry has at last been up to speed and is completely inundated in utilizing innovation to upgrade the space in which we exist.


With designers like Shauna Bottos, it can turn out to be truly simple to draw out awesome for your insides as her insight and expectation with the continuous patterns are brilliant. 

  • Savvy Homes: The job of the inside architect has ventured into transforming customary living spaces into innovative homes. For interiors, there is minimal that influences our view and impression of a space more than light. More than a decade ago, the most control you could have over domestic lighting systems was a turning dimmer. Today, individuals can handle the lighting from their phones, set digital clocks on room lights, and even control normal light by demanding the blinds open on specific occasions. 
  • 3D Printing: The utilization of 3D imprinting in interiors has not just presented new techniques for making exceptional, customized furniture yet has carried with it intriguing methods of making cheap models rapidly. It permits fashioners to explore different avenues regarding new mixes of materials, shapes, and constructions that would somehow or another be troublesome with real size protests that may not be immediately accessible. 
  • Brilliant Design Tools: Innovation has folded itself over nearly all that we have come to know. The instruments once utilized by inside architects, to be specific, measuring tapes, drawing paper, phone specialized strategies, and level devices have all been exceptionally technologized. When interior designers got their hands on them, they became focal instruments in the business. 
  • Sustainable Design: Sustainable improvement has turned into the best test of the 21st Century. There is no special case for the interior designing industry. Indeed, the business depends vigorously on a sustainable turn of events. Perhaps the main element used to upgrade the inside space wherein we live noticeable all around we relax. It’s nothing unexpected that a feasible plan has taken off, and with some assistance from innovation. 

Shauna Bottos with her ability can assist you with accomplishing high-end plans that will fundamentally upgrade your general space.

Shauna Bottos- How has Digital Technology impacted Interior Designing?

As the world is progressing towards the digital age soon, we will see radical changes in the way we plan inside spaces, because of progressions in mobile phone applications and digital display surfaces. Yet, this isn’t an issue of interior plan iPad programs that assist you in withdrawing your fantasy house or novel touch screens that you can install in your fridge. Maybe, it’s an issue of the personalization that we’ve generally expected in the digital world seeping into the actual world. Your room will realize what tone and splendor it ought to have the same way that Google realizes what you’re looking for before you wrap up composing your question.


Shauna Bottos being an exemplary designer has embraced each most recent planning method to ensure that the customer gets the best and most satisfactory services.

This might sound crazy to you. But all-important innovations are gradually meeting up, and the overall pattern toward personalization is as consistent as could be expected. Future insides will not quit customizing with the family big-screen. The progressions will turn out to be considerably more design, starting with simple things like window shading. Different items are now associating inside controls through wifi, similar to this lighting control application that depends on uncommon wifi-powered lights. In truth, an application that controls your shades isn’t so insane, however, it’s simply the start.

XKGlow, an organization that spends significant time in introducing LED lighting on vehicles, has an application that permits you to control indoor LED installations. While the models it shows look more fitting for a dance club than a home, the potential is there. For instance, it exhibits that it’d be no issue for you to stroll into a room and have your mobile phone faint the lights after 9 pm or change the walls to blue on Wednesdays. Possibly you simply load your number one engineer’s shading schedule range. Possibly you select a shading schedule. The options are boundless.

Looking for such expertise? Shauna Bottos while anticipating needs and potential changes in digital technology delivers her top-notch design as per the client’s needs. 

Shauna Bottos-Tips from interior designers to decorate your new home

Are you moving to your new home? If yes, then you should know, it is a great joy for everyone but it can be a time of uncertainty when it comes to decorating your new home. Decorate your home so well just like Shauna Bottos and you’ll end up with a comfortable happy home. If you do it poorly, you’ll end up with a hodge-podge of fabrics and paint colors that never harden into a pleasing whole.


By planning and following the same techniques used by professional interior designers, you’ll have a much greater chance of success in decorating a home. 

Don’t Start in the Furniture Store: Don’t should go on shopping in a panic, just because you have an empty home. If you pick some sofas, stools, tables without, measuring the space of your home then you are creating a mess.

Know Your Measurements: Taking measurements of the room is critical because it can lead to the proper setting of furniture. Before you start designing, you have to measure the length and width of each room that you need to decorate. The things you can add are stairs, columns, radiators, and other things. 

Create a Floorplan: Most professional designers use drafting software for floor planning. Once you have the outline of the space, you should begin experimenting with the placement of furniture, ensure that the footprint of each piece is scaled to a similar size to the drawing. 

Decide How You Want to Live: Your room can be modern, traditional, formal, or anything but the only thing you have to know is which type of place do you want or which space is more comfortable for you to live a peaceful life. 

Copy the Pros: There are a lot of ways to copy a design from youtube, Instagram, magazines, or any other platform.

Imagination has a powerful impact on interior designing because it is the essential key and many interior designers like Shauna Bottos use this tip to decorate a home into a desirable home. 

Shauna Bottos-What is the future of amazing interior designing?

It can be difficult to predict the future of interior design but not impossible. As expected, the latest technology is about to play a huge role in the future of interior design to create a beautiful and creative place to live with the latest technologies. With Shauna Bottos, you can discover what the future has in store for interior design? 

  1.  Smart Homes: Smart homes are trending everywhere, these technologies are personal assistance, security systems, alarms, and many more. In the upcoming years, experts think that smart homes will go further than just standalone devices at home. Smart interiors will be made into the structure of our homes. Do you know, the Italian interior designing company, Tipic is pioneering the latest kitchen integrations with the latest Tulèr kitchen worktop by applying super technology. Manufactured from a slab of quartz composite, the smart work surface with a sink to clean utensils comes as you wave your hand over a sensor. And with another wave, the sink rises to make the illusion of a perfectly flush, after that you can get an uninterrupted work surface once again.
  1. Tiny House Movement: One of the most striking phenomena is the tiny house movement which has gripped America and is equally in response to increasing house prices but also a huge environmental awareness and willingness to slow down our carbon footprint which ultimately reduces pollution. Advocates of the movement are experts at living in well-organized and greatly efficient living spaces. This can simplify your life and your spending habits which can be a great help to protect our environment. According to Shauna Bottos, the tiny house movement is growing continuously so a requirement for a well-designed, expertly engineered interior is needed for everyone. When space is luxurious, you can’t afford any wastage. The living cost in tiny houses is sky high, but people are getting more into these types of places. 
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